Influenced by rock classics while capturing the essence of 90s female vocalists, Elyse Aeryn is blending the decades to mix up an alternative-country-rock cocktail that will have you asking for a double. 

With a big sound and an undeniable stage presence, expect an engaging live experience fusing powerful vocals, intimate storytelling, and electrifying guitar riffs.  

After leaving the corporate world to pursue a passion for music, Aeryn is wasting no time. Sharing stages with The Crash Test Dummies, The Town Heroes, Matt Minglewood, and Robyn Ottolini, expect to hear more of Elyse Aeryn as she makes a name for herself across the Maritimes and beyond. 

"Ladies and gentlemen, if you get an opportunity to get out and see this [act] you gotta go, alright! Their dynamic on the stage… their presence… you KNOW they’re playing!" - Wayne Schnare CIOE 975FM

Watch for Elyse Aeryn’s debut full length album in winter 2023!